Other Inventions of Leon Theremin

Other Inventions of Leon Theremin

The Space-Controlled Theremin is just one of the exciting inventions Theremin came up with. He also invented burglar alarms, a bugging device, and a number of other unique musical instruments, as well as being a leader in the development of television. This area explores Theremin's less celebrated creations.


Leon Theremin's Musical Dance Platform

A theremin played by 'dancing' on its special platform. The vertical movements change the pitch, and volume is controlled by the depth of the performer from the back of the platform. The performer stands on the platform, which is a conductive metal plate, and functions in much the same way as...

Kinetic Art

Maybe this article shouldn't strictly be classed as a Theremin 'Invention', but Leon Theremin's work and experimentations with Joseph Schillinger and Mary Ellen Bute led to some stunningly vivid kinetic films. In the mid 1930s, Mary Ellen Bute was the first American to make abstract...


Used by the great Stokowski to reinforce his orchestra's bass section, until the subsonic rumblings made the orchestra members complain of sickness... The Theremin Cello was another adaptation of Leon Termen, who was originally a cellist himself. Theremin's instrument was manufactured by...


The American Avant-Garde composer Henry Dixon Cowell was largely self-educated, though studied musicology in Berlin (1931-32). He experimented with new musical resources; in his piano compositions he introduced the tone cluster, played with the arm or the fist, and wrote compositions to be...

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