Richard Moran Thereminist

Musical Adventures with an Antenna

Three Movements for Theremin Ensemble

These Three Movements are written to be simple pieces that can be performed by thereminists of any standard. Each movement contains a 'movement' - 'drawing, painting, or squiggling'. Its a simple and interesting way I think of introducing some variety of texture across each section. Three Movements for Theremin Ensemble


I've been having a play with my shiny new Loop Station over the last few days, and it inspired me to write a few pieces for Looped Theremin - of course, they could also be performed by an ensemble of theremins. Ether Sketches

The recordings are below. They are 'bare' theremin tracks - there's no effects applied at all, apart from the looping.

Ether-Sketches 1-3 by Richard Moran