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#145 Theremin

2000 by Arthur Harrison. 2000

This is the #144.5 theremin (prototype of the #145)

In November 2000 Arthur Harrison supprised us with a new redesign of the #144 theremin. This new design promises to be more stable thanks to a new oscillator design (differential paired instead of Colpitts). And changes have been made to the oscillator levels, reducing non-linear distortion. The result is a consistent sound troughout the entire volume range. Also, there is less rf noise on the audio output thanks to an added filter. A full description of the circuit and detailed construction instructions can be found at Art's theremin page. Second diagram is of the prototype of the #145 theremin, called #144.5. This one is added for comparison purpose only.

These diagrams are 2000 by Arthur Harrison.

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