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Miss Rockmore Gives Recital On Theremin

Offers Skilled Performance on Ether-Wave Instrument
New York Times

An effective demonstration of the present capabilities of the theremin ether-wave instrument in the hands of a fine musician who has fully conquered its difficult technique, was made by Clara Rockmore at her recital last night in Town Hall. What Miss Rockmore accomplished in matters of intonation, legato and staccato playing, accentuation and nuances, must have come as a distinct surprise to any in the house who entertained false ideas of the theremin's possibilities.

Doubtless the improved security in pitch was due to improvements brought about by its inventor during the last two years, due largely to suggestions made by Josef Hofmann, the celebrated pianist. One was a method of preventing the tubes from becoming warm too rapidly, which has resulted in less frequent need of tuning.

That the theremin can respond cleanly and nimbly in speedy passages when the performer has sufficient command of its resources became patent in Miss Rockmore's agile treatment of the second movement of the Cesar Franck violin sonata, which was taken at as high a rate of speed as violinists ever adopt for its allegro sections. In this formidable work and the preceding Nardini concerto in D minor, Miss Rockmore evinced not only her exceptional control of every phase of theremin playing, but also a highly developed musical imagination and estimable interpretative powers. She was deftly assisted by Nadia Reisenberg at the piano. The audience was warm in its approval.


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