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Clara Rockmore Theremin Recital

New York Post
28th October 1938

Last night in Town Hall a large audience sat enthralled while Clara Rockmore, assisted by Nadia Reisenberg at the piano, played a recital on the electrical instrument, the Theremin. The program included a Concerto in E minor by Nardini; the Franck Sonata in A major, and a group of pieces by Achron, Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Korngold. Standing before the cabinet of the instrument, with the speaker behind her, Miss Rockmore, in a manner suggestive of the supernatural, drew exquisite tones seemingly out of thin air. With no tangible point of contact with the Theremin she performed difficult scale passages and leaps with an astounding dexterity and precision. The instrument, which is not comparable to any other existing one, has a great range of pitch and dynamics an appears to possess no technical limits. However...

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