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Passers-By Light Store

Seven Windows Illuminated by Breaking of Sidewalk Ray.
New York Times

Macy's department store last night installed a device whereby passers-by turn on the lights in seven of the Thirty-fourth Street display windows. The device, known as the Teletouch Ray, is the invention of Dr. Leon Theremin. The ray is shot across the sidewalk from a small black box placed in one of the lower corners of a window. Every time a pedestrian breaks the ray by passing through it the lights of the windows are flashed on. The windows last night stayed illuminated for thirty seconds and then went dark until the ray was broken again.

The difference between this ray and the rays that have been installed to operate drinking fountains and open doors is that it requires no "receiving post" on the sidewalk. It is this that has made it possible to use the device for store windows. Last night the ray was broken so frequently that the windows were almost continually lighted.

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