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Zep Theremin

This theremin is the kind of thing Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin played in "The Song Remains The Same". The antenna is mounted on the end like the one he used. The Zep Theremin has a mic stand mount so you can slip it over any mic stand (mic stand not included). The knob turns the...

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Junior Theremin - Musical Electronic Kit

Junior Theremin works in two modes - continuous and discrete. When you first connect the battery Junior Theremin is in continuous mode. Pressing both pushbuttons together switches between continuous and discrete modes. Junior Theremin can operate in two modes. Discrete or continuous. Discrete...

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204 Theremin

The Harrison Instruments Model 204 Theremin is a complete tabletop pitch instrument with a built-in loudspeaker. It is powered by an internal 9-volt battery, and has an output jack for connection to an external amplifier or effects processor. When used as a stand-alone theremin, the 204 provides...

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This model from Tony Bassett of No1derland has a single pitch antenna, and has a range of approximately ten octaves. The range is billed on the website as 'the most colourful theremins in the world'. That fact is undeniable!

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Eclipse Theremin

This theremin from Rothman's Theremins is the next step on from their Pocket Theremin now with a 1/4 inch jack socket and two knobs! It uses a class A single-ended amp for nice distortion, and has a detachable 'rubber duck' BNC antenna. The Eclipse Theremin lies flat for improved mechanical...

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Silicon Chip Theremin

The kit features an in-built loudspeaker for practice sessions and line output for connection to an amplifier or recording equipment. - Kit includes case, silk screened front panel, metal plate, antenna, speaker and all electronic components. - 9-12VDC plugpack required This theremin is also...

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No Soldering KIT Theremin

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Pocket Theremin

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Professor Television Photo-Theremin

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True Analog Theremin

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Antenna Controlled Pitch Theremin

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DOME XLPC Theremin

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Simple Theremin

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Minimum Theremin Kit 101

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