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Moog Etherwave

We recommend the Moog Etherwave Theremin. Whilst it's a cheap instrument for beginners, it's also a fantastic and versatile musical instrument. The Big Briar instruments are built under the direction of Bob Moog of synthesiser fame. It can be purchased in kit form, as well as fully assembled,...

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Moog Etherwave Pro

The Etherwave Pro is a professional quality theremin featuring classic theremin sounds, excellent playability housed in a beautiful eye-catching cabinet. It is designed as a solution for the gigging musician who wants the best theremin available in a portable package. The Etherwave Pro also won...

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TVox Tour

Sadly, the TVox Tour is no longer in production. However, the instrument is regularly played by Lydia Kavina and Barbara Buchholz.

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B3 Theremin

The B3 is a true, classic theremin with both loop antenna and rod antenna. This theremin mounts on a mic stand (mic stand not included). You can also remove the mic stand mount and use it on a desk top. The loop antenna controls volume and a vertical rod antenna controls pitch. Ready to go with a...

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RCA Victor Theremin

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Theremax Theremin

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009 Stereo Theremin

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Model 151 Theremin

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Wavefront Classic

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The Elysian Theremin

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Wavefront Travel Case Model

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Moog Melodia

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Big Briar Series 91

Big Briar Theremins The Big Briar Series 91 theremins retain the timbre and playing characteristics of Professor Theremin's design, but use contemporary digital and analog integrated circuit technology. Specifications GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Big Briar Series 91 theremins use contemporary...

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Moog Ethervox MIDI Theremin

Since the 1920’s the theremin has intrigued people with its space-controlled, highly expressive sound. Now you can have a theremin that combines classic tone and playability with the latest music technology -- the world’s first MIDI theremin: The Ethervox. On stage, in the production studio, or...

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